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Awartia-profitability management

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Real-time cost control will change your mindset. Awartia can be used to talk about a new term: Profitability Management.

Awartia is a solution based on activity-based costing (abc-costing). Awartia gathers information from bookkeeping systems and targeting criteria from ERP and working hour systems (e.g. SoleTM), among others. The main objective is to target the costs directly to the activity in accordance with the matching principle (direct costs). If any of the costs require passing on, targeting criteria and passing rules have to be determined (indirect costs). Finally cost calculation can be done in a simple and precise way to visualize profitability.

With Awartia, profitability management is no longer a task only for the senior and financial management, but the whole company can be involved in achieving common objectives. The system supports management, pricing and decision making in a whole new way.

Profitability management is here!

Product profitability?

Project profitability?

Customer profitability?

Direct and indirect costs?


Does your organization have trouble finding the right answers to these questions in real time?

Awartia is the solution to these challenges!

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