Market place for education and short courses

Meerkado - All the educations in one place!

Meerkado is a market place for educations and short courses, where the purchasing process is implemented similarly to modern web stores. Like most common hotel search engines connect those in search of a hotel, Meerkado connects education buyers and education providers in a most familiar way.

Buying and selling courses made easier than ever

Meerkado makes it easier for educators to manage selling, enrollments and cancellations of courses. The whole process is done online and the information moves smoothly to other administration systems via seamless integrations. In Meerkado the courses can be paid online just like you would do while shopping in any online store.



  • Offers one place for all courses and education
  • Allows integrations to multiple educational systems
  • Connects the buyers and sellers of courses
  • Removes all excess paperwork - the whole process is online

It's time to offer courses the way people want to buy them!

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