Working hour allocation system

Working hours done visible

SoleTM is a convenient, cross-organizational working hour allocation management system that helps the work done become transparent and targeted correctly.

With the help of the SoleTM solution You are able to change inefficient working hours into effective working hours. Allocation, tracking and reporting of working hours are the basic features of the SoleTM system.

The organization's own approval processes and interfaces to HR and payroll systems can be done at once as a proper and functional entity.


  • Supports resource planning and planning of working hours by allowing hours to be allocated on projects and tasks by responsibilities and roles
  • Provides a clear overall picture of the hours that people have done working
  • Displays working hour balances in real time and allows easy and fast changes to hourly logs
  • Can be integrated¬†with HR-, financial management- and identity management systems (AD, ADFS) and data warehouses


The system is delivered as an easy to use and reliable service (SaaS). The SoleTM solution can be integrated to Solenovo's other solutions or it can be used as a stand alone service.

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