This is Solenovo

We create technology and expertise combining tailored solutions that boost our customers' core operations. Get to know the company behind the solutions.


Solenovo Ltd

Solenovo Ltd was founded in 1996 in Joensuu. We are a software company that specializes in browser-based ERP and resource management solutions.

Our core customers have been in the educational sector since the beginning of our operation. Nowadays we offer our solutions to public administration sector as well.


A reliable partner

We are an innovative long-term partner for our customers and affiliates. We provide leading technology services and products in a flexible and customer oriented manner.

We work as the developers of our customers' core processes. This is why it is our priority to ensure that the trust between us and our customers strenghtens as our cooperation evolves.

Our operation is growing and profitable thanks to our customers and amazing staff of experts.

Nationwide service -  roots in Joensuu

Solenovo is still operating at its' founding city Joensuu but we cater to our customers in all of Finland. Our main office has been in the centre of Joensuu on Kauppakatu since 2007. At the moment Solenovo employs around 30 professionals of different fields of expertise. We also utilise the know-how of our international partner network in our solutions.