The CEO of Solenovo Oy is changing


The CEO of Solenovo Oy is changing - Solenovo

The board of Solenovo Oy thanks Juuso Enjala: New CEO Juha Manu takes over.

Joensuu, November 17, 2023 – Solenovo Oy, a leading software developer for educational institutions, announces a change of CEO. Juuso Enjala, who has been the company’s CEO since 2019, has decided to move on. Juha Manu, who previously served as sales director, has been chosen as his successor from within the company.

The board of Solenovo Oy would like to thank Juuso for his contribution to the company’s successful internationalization.

As CEO, Juuso Enjala has led Solenovo to new markets, expanding the company’s operations, e.g., Sweden, Germany, France and Estonia. Under his leadership, Solenovo has strengthened its position as a pioneer in educational institution software provider, achieving new openings both in Finland and in international arenas.

The new CEO Juha Manu brings strong experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to his task. Under his leadership, Solenovo continues its story of success. Juha brings with him fresh ideas and views in the development of educational institutions software.

“Personally and on behalf of Solenovo Oy’s board and staff, I would like to thank Juuso Enjala for his valuable contribution and welcome the new managing director, Juha Manu, to his new role. We are sure that Juha will continue Solenovo’s successful run and take the company to the next level,” commented the chairman of the board Kimmo Tanskanen.

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