The exchange year’s best friend

Exchange studies management software.

SoleMove enables management of the entire international exchange program in real time. From the submission and processing of applications to communication between students, teachers and administration to the final feedback of the exchange experience.

SoleMove is an international mobility management system that caters to the needs of the whole organisation. The system is designed to support and grow international mobility numbers by making exchange possibilities more accessible and inspiring to students, staff and partners. SoleMove helps educational institutions to meet and exceed their internationalisation goals.

SoleMove is a reliable SaaS solution that simplifies processes and saves time in mobility management and reporting by offering all functionalities in one system. Extensive reporting options and real-time mobility management help in data driven decision making as well as offer transparency throughout the organisation.


  • The whole international mobility process from application to feedback in one convenient system
  • Extensive reports and real-time visualisation of all international mobilities – both at home and at host institutions
  • Facilitates mobility growth by supporting international cooperation and partnerships
  • Inspiring visual exchange destination and partner organisation introductions help to select a dream destination
  • Compliant with EWP requirements
  • System available in English and French
SoleMove system on computer screen

SoleMove is an integral part of international coordinator’s everyday work at TAMK

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The system is delivered as an easy to use and reliable SaaS service. SoleMove functions independently and can also be integrated to other Solenovo products.

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