Vocational education all in one place

Vocational school management software.

From the application process to graduation, SoleStudenta enhances the work of faculty and students, allowing them to organise, facilitate and manage everything related to vocational learning, including financial planning and reporting.

Clear user interface and streamlined processes make SoleStudenta a breeze to use. The system is ready for installation without customisation which makes the deployment process swift and easy.

Open API and extensive reporting tools facilitate knowledge management as well as offer real-time data transparently to all interest groups. SoleStudenta is fully compatible with other Solenovo systems which enables effortless extension of the service package with e-services or international mobility management system SoleMove.

SoleStudenta is developed in close cooperation with our customers to ensure that the customer needs are met perfectly. SoleStudenta is also designed to meet the latest governmental requirements concerning vocational education management in Finland.


  • Vocational education management from application to diploma
  • Regulatory reporting to eHOKS and KOSKI services
  • Studies and education can be planned according to available resources
  • Open API for data utilization
  • Can be used together with other Solenovo systems to expand the service package with time or international mobility management, e-services as well as time and resource allocation systems
SoleStudenta system on computer screen

starting at 1500 €/month

The system is delivered as an easy to use and reliable SaaS service. SoleStudenta functions independently and can also be integrated to other Solenovo products.

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